Wedding Day Prep Dos and Don’ts for the Bride-to-Be

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Getting ready for your one and only wedding day is a lot of work. You probably have a checklist that includes items like booking the venues, choosing the wedding party, planning the guest list, mailing invitations, finding your gown, and hiring a slew of vendors such as the officiant, photographer, caterer, florist, and so on. But of course, you also have to prepare yourself for your big day. And if you want to look and feel your best when you waltz down the aisle with every eye trained on you, there are a few things you’ll have to attend to, possibly including physical fitness, hair, makeup, and nails, just for example. If you need a little help getting yourself in order, here are a few dos and don’ts to help the frazzled bride-to-be prepare for her big day.

Wedding DayDO:
1. Plan ahead. This is imperative to ensuring that you feel confident and beautiful when you head to the altar to say “I do”. You wouldn’t wait until the last minute to find the venue or book a caterer since doing so could leave you up a creek without a paddle. And you shouldn’t hold off on exercising or setting up beauty appointments, either, unless you’re interested in finding yourself in a pickle when your wedding day arrives.

2. Hire professional help. Just because you’ve been styling your hair and doing your own makeup for years doesn’t necessarily mean you want to take the reins on your wedding day. After all, your experience lies in a daily routine, and you probably want to take it up a notch for this special event. In addition, your everyday makeup may not suffice for professional photographs. Hiring professional help to pretty you up for your nuptials can give you the peace of mind to let yourself be photographed without feeling self-conscious.

3. Schedule appropriately. You should start a regular exercise regimen anywhere from six months to six weeks before your wedding day. Tanning should start a couple of months beforehand just in case you need time to let it fade. You should cut and color your hair two weeks before, set up waxing and facial appointments a week out, and have your nails done the day before the wedding. Timing things just right will give you the best shot at a flawless finish on your special day, and you need to make appointments well in advance if you want to secure specific dates.

1. Make last minute changes. When you’re stressing about every detail of your wedding, and you will as the date approaches, you might start to second-guess yourself. But it’s important not to let this affect your hair, makeup, and other aesthetic decisions. Remember that you planned your look when you were in a less distracted state of mind, so trust your first judgment and try not to make impulsive decisions at the eleventh hour.

2. Go it alone. Most brides get caught up in doing all the planning on their own, but this is hardly necessary (or healthy). Instead, take your moms and bridesmaids up on their offers of help. Dole out tasks like finding salons and booking appointments so that you don’t have to attend to every detail. And ask the ladies in your bridal party to join you in your exercise efforts. Doing it with friends is bound to be more fun and productive.

3. Stress. It’s important to enjoy yourself on your wedding day. So when the work of planning is done, get the girls together, wrap yourselves up in robes from Wedding Prep Gals, sip some champagne, and let the hair stylists and makeup artist pamper you in preparation for the main event. You’ve put in the time – you deserve to enjoy your special day.

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