Three Simple Tips to Help Keep the Spark in Your Relationship


When it comes to relationships people always talk about the honeymoon period, and sadly we all know that it doesn’t last forever. The falling in love part comes to an end and, while you are very much still in love, the day-to-day normality of life is restored and suddenly your relationship becomes part of the daily routine. Obviously the longer you are together the easier it is to forget to do special things together and that is where the danger of growing apart comes to the fore. Clearly making effort is important and spending quality time is a big part of that. Here are a few ideas to help keep it fresh and to ensure that the spark stays in your relationship.1

Get away

Work and daily commitments often make it feel like it’s hard to get away and off the grid. But it just takes a bit of effort and some planning and you should be set for a great weekend break or two. If you don’t want to rough it too much find a place that offers luxury camping tents for sale and head off for a comfortable stay in the bush. The intimacy of a tent and the sheer joy of cooking and living in nature is exhilarating. It will not only add spice to your relationship it will send you back to work feeling rejuvenated and relaxed – and wanting more!

Go somewhere new

Learning about and discovering new things and places is what keeps us young. So plan to do or see at least one thing a year that you have never done before. This could be travelling to a new country, going to a different city or participating in a new activity. It could be stand up paddling or parachuting or maybe a week in Singapore or Thailand. Whatever it is, it’s an adventure and it will help you to keep things fresh. A dynamic relationship is about growth, both as individuals and as a couple, but for growth to happen you actually have to do new things – so make sure that you do. The rewards will be great.

Date Nights

Perhaps this is a very obvious solution but it is an important thing. If you were to look objectively at who the most important person was in your life, then it should be your partner. So why do they always have to take second place to work or sport or social commitments? It happens largely because we take them for granted and we know that they will always be there for us, no matter what. But what if that wasn’t the case? If you take somebody for granted once too often they will eventually get fed up and leave, so make sure that you make regular time to see your significant other one-on-one. A date night once a week or every fortnight is a great solution to making sure you stay on the same page together.

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