The Ultimate Guide to Accessorising Any Wedding Outfit

Accessorising Any Wedding Outfit

Your wedding outfit isn’t just about the dress you wear; there’s a lot of other things to consider, as well. Your hair, makeup, accessories, jewellery; they all play a small part in the finished look. If you’ve got your dress picked out already then the next step is to accessorise. Here’s our ultimate guide to adding the finishing touches to any wedding outfit.

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Hair and Makeup

The right hair and makeup can really complement your wedding outfit, and is the second most important part on our getting ready list. If you want to dazzle on your big day then your hair and makeup needs to be immaculate; none of that “just got out of bed” look here! You have two options when it comes to your hair and makeup on your wedding day: either do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. If your budget is limited then consider asking your hairdresser or beautician for a tutorial that you can recreate on the day itself. You can also find a ton of ‘how to’ videos on YouTube that will help you get that polished look without paying someone to do it for you.


Bag or no bag?

This is a difficult question for brides, especially those who don’t want to detract from their whole look. Carrying a bag down the aisle is definitely a no-no, but what about when you get to the reception? There will be some things you need to carry, such as makeup mirror, lipstick, hairbrush and maybe even your phone. Our opinion is that a discreet bag is fine, but anything bigger than a clutch is a no. Try to find a small bag that matches the rest of your wedding outfit, instead of a clashing, over the shoulder number.



Your wedding shoes are so important, even if they are likely to be hidden under your dress. It’s a fact that at least one guest will ask to see what’s under your dress (not like that!) and so you’ll get to show off the shoes. Some women prefer the classic wedding options that shoe shops stock, whereas others may opt for something a little bit more daring. Converse trainers have been a big hit for alternative brides over the years, as have bright red heels and even hiking boots. Whatever shoes you go for, make sure they say something about you and your partner.



No wedding outfit is complete without some bling! We tend to lean towards the ‘less is more’ catchphrase when it comes to wedding jewellery, as you don’t want anything to take the attention away from your dress. A delicate necklace or bracelet is fine, but don’t go over the top with a jewellery stand full of accessories. Definitely do not wear any rings other than the engagement ring and eventually, the wedding ring.


This ultimate guide should now hopefully make things a little bit easier, when trying to decide how to accessorise your wedding outfit. Whether you’re planning a traditional affair or something a bit more alternative, these tips will help finish off any style.

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