The Perfect Fitting Tuxedo: Thousand Oaks Suit Rental 101


Perhaps you have been invited as one of the attendees at a wedding and require a tuxedo because you are in the wedding party… or you might be reading this because you are one of an estimated 2 million people who get married each year, according to the CDC Fast Stats. Odds are that most guys are going to be in a wedding party one or two times in their life (once for their own wedding and once again for a close friend). When that day dawns its graceful candor upon you, knowing how to get the perfect fitting Thousand Oaks suit rental need not cause you anxiety. Simply rely upon this timeless guide that was created just for you, and you should have no issues whatsoever.


Rent or Purchase That Tux

Let’s be honest here: most people will not require a tuxedo for more than a few fleeting occasions that they will encounter in life. That being said, it usually won’t make sense to outright purchase one, unless you are in a big band show, like Frank Sinatra was, and need to dress like the Rat Pack every night. So instead of purchasing a tuxedo – which can cost about $500 in the low range, according to an article that was published on The Knot – that you will only wear a few times in your life, instead the option to rent one makes a whole lot more sense. Now that we’ve covered this issue, it’s time to deliver some helpful rental tips for getting the perfect Thousand Oaks suit rental.


What to Know Before You Rent

Not all Thousand Oaks suit rental stores are going to offer the same inventory, selection or prices. So keep that and these other helpful tips in mind when choosing the place you want to rent your tuxedo from.

  • Ensure that the store you are shopping at for a rental has a modern inventory. Good signs of this are a quick look inside. If you see sleek, modern and chic tuxedos, you are in good shape.
  • Get measured – this should not be an issue at any Thousand Oaks suit rental store, but you never know what you are going to get. The staff should be friendly and helpful and offer full measurements to you for free.
  • Ensure that you get what you want. Since most wedding parties coordinate matching outfits, the store may not have what you need in stock. Avoid being oversold on the wrong tux. If at first you don’t succeed, look to the next store on your list in this region.
  • Accessories matter and include: cummerbund, shoes, and optional cufflinks and suspenders. You should be able to rent these all from the same store.
  • Consider teaming up with the wedding party to group shop at the same store. You can usually get a better deal this way, and you can also ensure that you all are all matching for the wedding party.


The Simple Choice

The perfect Thousand Oaks suit rental is not nearly as difficult to obtain as you might imagine that it would be. If you are looking for a fast, friendly rental service in this region, make sure you check out Friar Tux rentals. Their staff can answer any questions and help guide you in making the best selection based upon your budget. Attend that event in style, and let the tuxedo pros assist you with your rental needs, questions and answers.

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