The Evolution of Civil marriage for You


About 30 years ago, no one at all knew such a word combination as “civil marriage”, but now it is very firmly embedded in our vocabulary, and we constantly use it to describe similar relationships that occur with ourselves or with our friends and friends. If earlier this fact people would have called shameful cohabitation, accusing the couple of debauchery and permissiveness, now the people around calmly enough react to civil marriages. Even the older generation has come to terms with the fact that they will not always be able to walk at the wedding of the young, because many are not going to legalize their relationship even after the birth of the child in their family.You can get legal information about civil marriage at

Civil marriage

It is possible to talk about who benefits or does not benefit from this marriage, it is endless. As in all situations that do not have a pronounced positive or negative coloration, a civil marriage has its pros and cons. Although for someone pre-holiday efforts and all the proper fuss, on the contrary, is a pleasant experience. Of course, if there are no great feelings between people, then a civil marriage is exactly what you need. After all, here at any time you can “retire” from a relationship without even informing the partner about it.

As they say, no one owes nothing to anyone – and this is quite a fair view.For men who do not want to bind themselves by marriage, not burdening cohabitation – a real find, but a woman can feel in this union is rather humiliating.

Here are some personal opinions to look worthy in this situation:

  • Do not argue with relatives and friends, with foam at the mouth proving to them that your chosen one loves you, but just until you are both ready for a real marriage. Why these humiliating debates? If everything suits you, and your loved ones do not, this is their problem. Clearly explain to them that you should not climb into your life, otherwise you will begin to interfere in their affairs.
  • Do not become 100% dependent on a civil husband. Do not quit your job, even if it promises to provide you for the rest of your life. You do not have to be sure of it like you do. He’s just your roommate (no matter how rude it may sound), he’s nobody to you, and tomorrow he might get a trace of it.
  • If you live in his own apartment, and do not rent housing, it is advisable not to make any major joint purchases. After all, if housing is rented, when you leave, you may still be able to divide, so to speak, jointly acquired, but if the apartment is personal, it is unlikely that he will allow you to take out furniture, expensive equipment or other purchases that you made for common money. Therefore, you will most likely have to say goodbye to spent bills.


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