Ten Items You Need to Dress Your Baby Stylishly

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Comfort and safety are paramount when dressing your baby. Most parents don’t give much thought to style when doing so, which is understandable considering that babies spend most of the time in their cots sleeping. But what about those few times when the baby is out even if for a casual stroll in the park? They need to look every bit as good as the adult accompanying them. The best part is that it is much easier to style your baby than yourself, seeing as baby clothes and accessories come in a wider variety than those for adults. Here are some tips to help you add some spice into your baby’s closet and help them look every bit as stylish as you:


Baby Hats

Baby hats are a great addition to practically any baby outfit. They help you protect the baby’s head from impact and high temperatures while also keeping them warm when it is cold. Hats are also a great fashion accessory that will automatically transform any plain outfit to something more interesting, especially when matched well with other items such as shoes and sweaters.

There’s a wide variety of baby hats in the market so it should not be hard to find something that goes well with any of your baby’s outfits.


Diaper bags

Not quite the fashion accessory but can quickly boost your baby’s look when chosen well. Your diaper is likely to come with you everywhere you take your baby, so why not make sure that it at least blends in well with his outfit?

You can pick a diaper bag with a colour theme that matches your baby’s outfit. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the colour; it could be the print, pattern or the images used on it. For instance, if your baby boy is wearing a spider-man themed outfit, then a diaper bag with plenty of cobweb images would look great.


Your outfit

Yes, your outfit can make or break your baby’s style. If you are wearing red shoes and black pants, then you should probably make sure that whatever your baby wears blends in perfectly, seeing as they’ll probably be firmly perched on your waist or in a stroller you’ll be pushing the whole time.

Some parents have even gone an extra mile to have their outfits made into smaller mini-me versions for their babies. This creates a charming look if the clothes don’t look too, well, grown-up. Also, good luck finding authentic baby-sized Yeezys.


The baby’s hair

This is usually a non-factor, but the older the baby grows, the bigger the need to style their hair. We’ve seen babies whose moms have taken the liberty to collect their six seven strands of hair somehow and gather it into some half-done ponytail. Please don’t do this to your baby. If it’s a baby girl, comb the hair backwards and only gather it if it doesn’t put the baby in pain. A baby boy can get a nice big-boy cut.

If you have to use ribbons on your baby’s hair, make sure that they look great and match their outfit.



The shoe game is important, even for kids. Don’t just throw anything that fits on their feet. Make sure that it actually looks good with their outfit even if they are not walking yet. If you don’t want the baby to wear shoes, you can cover their little feet with a nice pair of socks to match something else like their hat and gloves. You can even improvise and have them wear knee-length socks on top of a onesie (if it’s not too hot). These will double up as knee-length boots!


Baby travel blankets

If you are going to bring some blankets with you when going out, why don’t you make sure that they too blend with the baby’s outfit? This may seem a little unreasonable, seeing as you can only buy so many blankets. The trick here would be to get those with neutral colours that can blend easily with basically everything else. If your baby’s closet is full of pink attires, a white blanket with a bit of pink or purple or light blue will look just great with those.


In conclusion, your baby’s style is a reflection of you as a parent. It doesn’t make sense that you go out looking nice and well-dressed while your baby is in a shamble. Add some style factor as a consideration when shopping for their outfits and accessories. Go out of your way to make sure that non-relevant things like the kids’ recliner, stroller or blankets have some kind of theme that blends flawlessly with everything else. They don’t have to dress like models, only stylish enough to catch anyone’s eye and make them appreciate the baby’s mother for the job well done!

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