Pearl Restringing Makes Old Pearls Look New


Are your pearls looking dated?  Perhaps the style is outmoded or the pearls have lost their shine? If so, you’re probably hesitant to wear them; afraid the strand might snap or that the color will look dingy instead of dainty.  But pearls shouldn’t be relegated to the back of the jewelry box – with a bit of TLC they can take their rightful place at the forefront once again! Pearl restringing is an effective, cost-efficient way to give old pearls a new look or make worn out pearls look shiny again.

Pearl restringing doesn’t have to be expensive (it should only cost a few dollars per inch for a standard job!)), and it will help your pearls keep their value and their beauty. Ideally, pearl restringing is best done by a reliable, affordable professional who will replace the silk strand that has grown dirty with a pristine silk thread, adding knots in between each pearl to prevent them from rubbing against each other and the luster from disappearing.  The new silk thread will instantly make your pearls look cleaner just because it will match the color of your pearls instead of having an old, grayish tinge.

Add a new clasp or a set of rondels to give your pearls a new look, or keep the same clasp to maintain the integrity of your favorite design.  Once your pearls are restrung, you’ll be able to wear them for years without worry, and to match them with today’s hottest styles.  Here are some we think you’ll love:

Cropped jeans, striped shirt and heels. Skinny jeans are so last season, but cropped jeans are making a comeback this fall.  Throw on some wedges or chunky heels, a striped shirt and you’ll be dressed appropriately on cooler days and the surprisingly warm ones.

Anything red. Red is a show-stopping color for sure, and you’ll be sure to get noticed when you wear fall’s hottest color. Add pearl earrings or a bracelet to contrast the rich red hues, and throw your hair back into a chic ponytail to keep your hair from blowing in the wind!

High necklines. High necklines are going to be super popular this fall, but just because you don’t need a necklace doesn’t mean you should neglect your jewelry.  Restring your pearl necklace into a stunning double strand pearl bracelet, or add a pair a dramatic pearl drop earrings to shift the focus from your neck to your face.

Plaid. There’s nothing bad about plaid, and it’s coming back with a vengeance this fall.  Maybe it’s inspired by the throwback scenes from this is us, but plaid hasn’t looked this good since the 70’s!

Whether you’re sticking with last year’s trends or embracing the new ones, fall is a great time to take stock of your jewelry box and to make sure that your favorite pieces get worn.  Pearl restringing can help you get the look and wear you want out of your pearls and will ensure that they’re still in style, even when the fashion changes.


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