Most Common Wedding thank you card Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding thank you card Mistakes

Your wedding thank you card could go a long way in making your guests feel truly special and appreciated. But sending out a whole bunch of thank you cards can make many a bride and groom shiver with anxiety. The sheer number them to send out, what to write in them etc. can be a cumbersome experience for many. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you are sending out your thank you cards.


Don’t Get People’s Names Wrong


Make sure you have everyone’s name written down correctly. It will not reflect well on you if you are writing a thank you card and you have gotten someone’s name or spelling wrong. Check and double check before you put pen to paper. If you are still unsure, contact a common friend who can give you a better idea.


Don’t Forget about the Kids


If a family with children has given you a wedding present, be sure to name each member of the family, including the children in your thank you card. Sometimes their wedding card may not have listed the names of the children. So if you’re not sure what their names are, call a friend or family member for help.


Don’t Make Your Thank You Cards Generic


There is nothing worse than receiving a generic, impersonal thank you card that reads something like ‘thank you for the wonderful present’. Your thank you cards needs to be personal and needs to mention the present that you have been given and how much you appreciate the thought. Remember, these people have invested their time and money to go the extra mile in buying you a present to commemorate your special day. Your thank you card should be able to express your gratitude effectively.


Don’t Make Money Your Main Focus


It doesn’t really matter how much cash a guest spent on your gift. What matters is the intent with which it was given. Therefore, don’t put extra effort into thanking someone for a present that costs more and sending a generic thank you card to someone who’s present was lesser in value. Express your gratitude by saying how much you loved your thoughtful gift and how special it made you feel to have them as part of your wedding.


Don’t Forget about the Guests That Weren’t Present


There is the odd chance that a guest might not have been able to make it to your wedding for whatever reason, but have sent you a gift nevertheless. Keep that mind when you’re sending out your thank you cards. Due to force of habit, you might end up saying thank you to them for attending your wedding when they weren’t actually there. Make a separate list for these kind of people and thank them separately after you have finished writing your thank you cards for everyone who attended.


Don’t Send You Thank You Cards Out Too Late


Your thank you cards should ideally be sent out within two weeks of your bridal shower. For a wedding, you have an additional levy of up to two months. Guests appreciate a prompt reply and they certainly do not want to be forgotten! If you do forget them, you may not have any guests at your next event.

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