MakeUp Tips and Tricks You Never Knew You Needed


Makeup can be quite an interesting topic. Some people take it so seriously, they view it as a form of art and enjoy every stroke and color as they apply it on their face. On the other hand, it feels like a chore for other people, seeing it as something they hope they could do away without. Whether you identify as the former or the latter, we can all agree that knowing your way around makeup can be pretty helpful. 


Makeup tips and tricks can save you time and also help you look your best while you’re at it. Especially now that we are slowly going back to working in the office and spending time outside our homes, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to look rosier than usual. 


Here are some of them as told by some of the best online magazines for women. 


Oil Out! 


Here’s a simple makeup tip for beginners: before putting anything in your face, make sure that you start fresh. One way to do this is  by cutting clean toilet seat covers into smaller pieces to keep in your makeup kit. We know it sounds a little weird but trust us when we say that blotting papers and toilet seat covers are made up of almost the same type of materials. Hence, they are equally effective in helping you get rid of the excess oil on your face. 


A lot of advanced makeup tips would suggest that you use primers, mattifiers and the like. That works too! But why go through the hassle when you can just use a sheet to clean up that T-Zone? 


Triangles Under Those Eyes 


This is a simple makeup tip for beginners that is occasionally mentioned by beauty gurus and influencers in some makeup reviews too. To really brighten up your dark under-eyes, use a wanded concealer and cover up those rims by forming a triangle shape. Start by drawing the base right where your lash line is and make sure that the tip is pointing towards the apple of your cheeks. 


Done right, this should be enough to conceal the redness and the shadows that are often visible in this area. Albeit simple, it’s a trick worth including in your makeup routine. 


DIY Dream Lipstick Shade 


Don’t we all have certain eyeshadow shades we adore so much we wish every single makeup product comes in its shade? We totally get you! Using this semi-advanced makeup tip, you’ll be able to create your dream lipstick shade in a matter of seconds. 


Simply squeeze out a little from a tube of petroleum jelly or scoop out a little from a jar. Mix the loose powders from your chosen eyeshadow shade then dab it on your lips. Voila! Just like that, you have just created your dream lipstick shade. 


Heat for Instant Lift 


If you’ve been following beauty icons, gurus and influencers – you would probably notice that expressive lashes are in! Whether you’re one to go for length or volume, heating your eyelash curler with the use of a medium-heated  blower will definitely do the trick. The added heat will curl your lashes really fast and lift them up for a much longer period of time. This is something worth keeping in your makeup routine especially if you hate wearing falsies. 


Make It Pop With White 


Some days, you don’t realize it but your eyes speak for you – and they look absolutely tired! Here’s a quick fix for this common problem : make your eyes pop by using a bold white colored eyeliner. It will instantly give them a glow while somehow concealing the dark areas down under. If you’re feeling a little more bold or playful, you can also use white eyeliner as a base for your eyeshadow – it’ll make the colors more vibrant and vivid. 


What’s your favourite makeup hack from this tip? Sound off in the comments.

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