How To Look Great In A T-Shirt


The common t-shirt is one of the most favorite clothes of men from all around the world. It is simple and matches many different styles. You do not need to make many fashion choices when you put on a t-shirt but this does not mean you will always look great. You can buy wonderful t-shirts with your printed messages from sites like but is this a certainty you will look great? No!

If you want to look your best in a t-shirt, here are some great tips to remember.

Get An Appropriate Fit

Most women agree with the fact that men are much more attractive if the t-shirt is fitted. The top shape accentuates masculinity. It does not really matter what your build is. The t-shirt will make you look a lot more masculinity if it is really well fitted. Some great rules to follow in order to have a perfect fit for your t-shirt include:

  • Shoulders – T-shirt seams have to stay on the shoulder’s edge.
  • Length – The top needs to be as long as needed to be easily tucked inside trousers. However, it should not bunch at waist level.
  • Sleeves – The t-shirt needs to be fitted around your arms while not extending past the elbows. Shorter sleeves are great when you have larger arms.
  • Stomach – A properly-fitted t-shirt should have a top that will slightly conform to the body’s curve. When too loose, body shape cannot be seen.
  • Neck – Raise your arms. There should not be a gap around your neck while the fit not being as tight as to stop you from easily moving around.

Choose An Appropriate Color

Be sure that you own some basic colors like navy, gray, black and white. Besides this, you should seriously consider t-shirts of other colors. It is so easy to experiment with some colors if you are looking for a color pop. However, you should not go overboard. Try purples, blues, reds and greens and be sure that the t-shirt does not clash with skin tone.

Choose An Appropriate Fabric

Remember that quality is not connected to weight. Lighter materials actually cost more. The preferred option is always 100% cotton, especially Pima or Egyptian cotton. Fibers used for such t-shirts look thinner, feel lighter and last a lot longer.

You can also consider cotton blends. Some elastane can maintain top shape and cotton-polyester is a blend that is really cheap while offering great maintenance. Always check t-shirt label since this tells you the fabric used and the composition.

Wearing The T-Shirt With Style

Choosing the very best t-shirt is definitely one of the most important things at the end of the day but if you do not wear your clothes right, it is a certainty that you will not look great. It is really important that you get a t-shirt that looks great on you and matches all the other clothes you wear. If you do not do this, you end up faced with the unwanted scenario in which you will not look great.


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