Helping to Prepare your Groom for the Big Day

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No matter how many unusual and bizarre divorce statistics are published on a weekly basis, marriage remains a solid and popular institution in the UK. It also represents an incredibly stressful time for brides and couples, however, especially when you consider the logistics of planning such an important and large-scale event. While the majority of focus is and should always be given to the preparation of the bride, however,it is important that the groom and his party is also ready fro the biggest day of his life.

Preparing your Groom for his Wedding Day: 3 Steps to Planning a Happy and Successful Occasion

With this in mind, what practical steps can you take to ensure that your groom is ready for their wedding day? Consider the following: –

  1. Help to Organise Suits and Clothing for the Grooms-men

While you may have an innate understanding of your colour scheme and its complimentary shades, your partner may not be so intuitive. It is therefore important that any bride takes an active role in helping their groom to select a viable suit and pair of shoes, while empowering them to make a final decision that enables them to feel comfortable. Shoes are particularly important, as they are easily overlooked and an ill-matching or poor quality pair can undermine the visual impact of any suit. If your groom is in the market for a stylish and high quality pair of leather shoes, you should check out the full range over at the Crockett and Jones website.

  1. Help your Groom to Create a Touching and Emotional Speech

While tradition dictates that the groom should stand prior to the wedding breakfast and deliver a succinct and heartfelt speech, there are two issues that this raises. The first is that your groom may not be comfortable addressing a room of guests, while the message and sentiment of the speech must include input from both of you. With this in mind, you should help your groom to write a touching and heartfelt speech that both thanks and welcomes your guests, even if you are spared the challenge of delivering it once it is complete.

  1. Make your Groom Share in the Joy of Planning

While it is fair to say that some men want little or no part in planning their wedding, this is not true of all grooms’. It may be the case that your groom is simply uncertain of the process or the value that they are able to offer, and this requires the guiding hand of a bride to help immerse them in planning the whole experience. If your partner wants to be involved then make sure that you empower him, as this will enable him to take on a multitude of tasks that help you both to prepare for the day as a couple and individuals.

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