Green Favors for an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Eco-Friendly Wedding

Giving favors to guests have long been a tradition in weddings as a way to show appreciation to guests. They also leave a deeper impression of the event, quite like how live wedding music from a wedding band can set the tone and mood of the wedding and can have people talking about it even after the wedding itself is over. Unfortunately, though, wedding favors have also long since fallen out of favor of nature by being something that not only consumes too much energy in its production, but also usually being something that people don’t really make much use of. In this modern day and age, wedding favors may even seem like an irresponsible choice.


Fortunately, eco-friendly options have been growing in availability over the past few years as more and more people have switched to more environmentally-favorable processes.


Here are a few favor ideas that you may utilize for your own green wedding favors.


1. Plantable goods


These can be seeds, bulbs, or even tree seedlings that can be incorporated in unique packaging such as place cards – something that your guests can plant on their own backyards and will continue to grow even long after your wedding ceremony and reception is over. Not only will it leave a more lasting impression and constant reminder to your guests, it’s a way of giving back to nature by adding more plants to the environment.


2. Local products


Using local products as wedding favors – such as organic in-season fruits, or handicrafts – not only promotes the region where your wedding venue is held, it also cuts down on energy consumed in the transportation of such products to their destination. Be creative! Have such treats packaged and personalized by adding your own personal touch and wedding labels.


3. Consumable options


When in doubt, you can always use consumable favors such as organic teas, home-made baked goods, or do-it-yourself fruity soaps. Consumable products are made to be used, thus, your guests can enjoy them all the more.


4. Donations to charity


Rather than giving out gifts that may or may not be fully appreciated by your guests, another option would be to use the budget that was allotted for them to instead be routed as a charitable donation. Donating to an organization that supports eco-friendly rehabilitation is a more charitable way of advocating the environment than spending all that time and effort on material items that may not even be viewed importantly once said items have been given away. Certain organizations can also assist you in providing pretty and affordable cards for your guests, to inform them of the said donation.


5. Naturally made ingredients


There really isn’t a need to use authentic ingredients just to create a wedding favor that your guests can enjoy. With all the natural ingredients all around us, all you need to do is to use your imagination! Use flower petals and put them together in a sachet to create a floral-scented bag that can remind one of the smell of spring. Or make beeswax candles and prettify them before handing them out to guests as a wedding favor. You can also give out bamboo shoots, which require little maintenance but add to a room’s decorations. The rest lies on your imagination!


Aside from ensuring that your wedding plans are in line with your advocacy to be as eco-friendly as possible, the idea of spreading the word regarding the importance of being so is the ultimate goal. By simply switching to green favors, you’re not only doing your share of preserving the environment, you’re sharing a bit of yourself and your interest to your guests, and giving them something that they can take away as a simple reminder of the union of hearts and celebration that they witnessed.


About the author: Melissa Page loves weddings and writes about them to her heart’s delight. She regularly contributes for Music for Scotland, a live music agency that can connect you to the Seattle wedding band in Edinburgh, one of the best wedding bands across Scotland. For more of her musings, follow her on Twitter @Melissapage90.



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