Fun Ways: How to Remove Blackheads at Home


A blackhead is a pimple that rises to the surface of the skin. They get the black color from the oxidation of the dirt and oil that clog pores on the skin. If you have oily skin that is prone to acne, you are likely to have blackheads. This should not worry you much, because; here are several methods you can use in the comfort of your home to get rid of blackheads from your face.

Pore Strips

Pore strips are one effective way of removing the surface area of the pores with blackheads. As such, the word here is surface area because a pore strip does not do a deep cleansing of the poles. A pore strip contains substances that when mixed with water, they become sticky and can stick on your skin. The strip hardens as it dries, and once pulled out from the skin, it leaves with some part of the blackhead instantly.

Thus, if you wanted immediate results, a pore strip comes handy. You are, however, advised not to use pore strips if you have acne, for it can damage your skin. You can also make a DIY pore strip by mixing milk and honey and applying it to the affected area. After like 20 minutes, peel the mix away and rinse with cold water. It is also as effective as those sold in the drug stores.


Exfoliation helps in removing dead skin and any other matter clogging the poles to give room for the regeneration of new cells. There are times you are left wondering why your skin feels dry even after applying layers of your favorite moisturizer. The reason is merely the formation of a layer of dead skin and blackheads that prevent the moisturizer from getting deep into the skin.

Remember to use fine-grained exfoliators to avoid damaging the skin. You can also make your own from your kitchen ingredients. Sugar, baking soda, and honey are good exfoliators that you can use to remove blackheads.

Charcoal Masks

Masks are excellent skincare products used to pull out impurities from the skin. Unlike a pore strip, a mask can remove contaminants that stay deep into the skin pores. Charcoal has been used as a purifier since the beginning of civilization. Its use has immense benefits on the skin. The main ingredient is activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a fine black powder that is produced when carbon is put under high heat. The high heat creates little holes in the charcoal, and it is these holes that trap dirt and toxins from the skin.

As such, charcoal is a beneficial product for deep cleansing. It can clean the pore entirely, and thus, it can prevent the recurrence of blackheads on your skin. There are several charcoal masks available in the drug stores and beauty shops. Yours is to try as many to find one that best does the work for you.

Salicylic Acid Gel

Salicylic acid is a blackhead warrior. It works by dissolving all the dirt that clogs pores. It also helps in reducing redness and swelling caused by fresh pimples, making them go away faster. Salicylic acid is readily available in drug stores.

Thus if you have blackheads, you have to make Salicylic acid your loyal friend. However, be careful to use it only on the affected area because if used all over the body, you can get salicylate poisoning. Also, avoid salicylic acid if your skin is very dry or overly sensitive.

Black Head Remover

A blackhead remover is a unique tool used to remove blackheads from your skin. They come in various shapes. For instance, there are some with two heads. On one head is a small spoon designed to fit well over the blackhead. With gentle pressure, the spoon can push out the dirt trapped in the blackhead.

The other end has a sharp lancet that is used to puncture the affected area to release the dirt. However, you must exercise a lot of caution when using lancets because they are very sharp and can easily damage the skin. It is advisable to let a competent skincare expert handle this job.

There are other varieties of blackhead removers in the market. For instance, there is one with cupped ends that are of various sizes and angles to fit in areas such as crevices or the side of the noise. The choice is yours to make on which Blackhead remover model is efficient for you.

A Mechanical Facial Brush

These brushes are readily available in drug stores around you. These brushes come in various shapes and sizes. Chose a round, medium-sized brush for effective results.  Using a mechanical facial brush loses the blackheads and makes it easy to remove them from the skin. While using the brush, remember to run it up and down over a wet soapy face for maximum results. Besides, to prevent future breakouts, it is advisable to replace your brushes frequently.

Clay Masks

Clay is effective in getting excess oil from the skin. Besides, it loosens and removes dirt from clogged pores, thus making it suitable for blackheads. Moreover, clay masks are very gentle on the skin, so you do not have to worry about any damage or pain in the affected area.

Some Clay masks have sulfur. Sulfur, on its own, helps breakdown dead skin, which ultimately improves the appearance of blackheads. However, not every skin is tolerant to sulfur. Thus do a skin test before purchasing one. Like many other facial products, you can buy clay masks in beauty shops, a local drug store, or even online.

All products and methods mentioned above are effective while dealing with blackheads. However, you will realize that some have advantages over others. Thus, it’s upon you to decide which product will effectively produce the desired results. Besides, it is best if you learn the right procedure of using every product to reap maximum benefits without further damaging the skin.

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