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Have you volunteered to host a large party this holiday season?  You’re either jumping for joy or have moved into full blown panic mode. After all, it’s the season to be jolly. Take these recommendations from the professionals and you’re sure to have a successful event which you will actually enjoy. Prepare to make lists and execute with ease.

When entertaining a large crowd, the simplest and most relaxed way to serve is with a buffet table. Your guests can help themselves and everyone can eat where ever they’d like. Follow these tips for setting a memorable buffet table. If there is a separate dining room in your home, consider using the dining table for the buffet. Designate the kitchen table for drinks, glasses and desserts. A seasonal flower arrangement and candles will set the stage for a stunning buffet. Stack half the plates at either end of the buffet table to allow for smooth flow of your guests through the line and minimize waiting time. Fold silverware into napkins to allow for easier carrying for guests. Set up the kitchen table with beverages. If you’re serving beer and wine, be sure to have non-alcoholic options available. Have ample glassware and ice on hand.

Select a menu that you’ve mastered in the past. Don’t make it too complicated and select recipes that can be made as far in advance as possible. You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen the entire evening while your guests are enjoying themselves. Consider a lasagna, salad and bread basket. Everyone will enjoy this and it can all be prepared in advance.  Ask select guests in advance to join in and bring desserts. This will certainly lighten the amount of work for the hostess.

Finally, set the stage for a fun evening. Take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon coupons and invest in quality speakers to set a festive atmosphere with your favorite music. Music always sets the tone of a party – jazz it up with popular music or Christmas carols. Enjoy your party – you’ll certainly volunteer for a repeat next year!

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