Davenport Tuxedo: Event Ideas

Davenport Tuxedo

A tuxedo is a special suit often worn for a special event. Let’s look at some of the many events/reasons that might require browsing for a tuxedo rental.


School Formals


Numerous school formals exist other than the “big one,” i.e. the prom. While the prom is arguably the grandest formal event in a young man’s life, plenty of other events require a tux. The homecoming dance is an epic fall event for high school students, with many boys opting for tuxedos or at very least snappy suits. Winter formals at high schools around the country are also common, and serve as a sort of precursor to the prom. The formal events don’t stop once teens go to college, either–many schools have at least one formal per year, usually in the spring. College Greek Weeks are another reason for young men to rent tuxedos.


Bah Mitzvahs and Quinceaneras


Bah Mitzvahs and quinceaneras are two examples of formal family events. The former is a “coming of age” celebration in the Jewish community for young boys, while quinceaneras are an important tradition in Hispanic culture. Quinceaneras involve families crowning their “princesses,” or 15-year-old daughters, and whether attending the event as a family member or close friend, a tuxedo or suit will be needed.


Career Opportunities


Sometimes a tux or suit is required for a job or career opportunity. Many fine dining establishments have wait staff of both genders in formalwear, as do some catering and bar businesses. If looking for a tuxedo for one of these reasons, be sure to describe the establishment or business to a staff member at a formalwear boutique. This will help the person understand exactly what’s needed and find the perfect wrinkle-free, stain-resistant option that works best.




Conventions and corporate parties are two more reasons why searching for a Davenport tuxedo rental is necessary. Such events are either held at actual convention centers or hotels, and may include trade show conventions, holiday parties, corporate retreat dinners and more. Bringing along a tuxedo or a beautiful suit to these events is often required.




Performing as part of an orchestra, band or choir group may involve tuxedo wear. Orchestras performing symphonies are usually decked out in formalwear, as are choir groups ranging from the high school to the professional level. Attending such concerts inspires many attendees to dress up, especially for holiday concerts. Going to the ballet or the opera are two more reasons why a tuxedo or a suit rental is a good idea.




One of the most obvious reasons for a tuxedo rental is a wedding. Most weddings feature the bride and groom in stunning formalwear, whether getting married in a church, at City Hall, on a beach, beautiful resort or aboard a yacht. Endless options are available concerning wedding day looks, from the classic black tuxedo to dapper three-piece suits to white dinner jackets and beyond. Tuxedo rentals are usually not just for the groom, but for the groomsmen as well, making it easy to obtain a group discount or other great deals.


Enjoy finding your dream Davenport tuxedo for one of these events, or whatever reason you require a tux. Think about what you’re looking for in a tuxedo and what the event calls for and go from there.


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