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If you are a plus-size woman, you know the struggle when it comes to shopping for swimwear. Likely, you despise it. The good news? The media has been starting to embrace plus sizes so much more readily these days, and the opportunities for finding good, quality clothing is more feasible than it was years back. Shopping for swimwear is frustrating for most woman, and can be especially frustrating for women who might not fit into the size 0-6 range. What is important to keep in mind is that women no longer have to visit a store or use the dreaded dressing room to find a cute, functional swimsuit. There are many styles that are currently trendingfor plus-size people right now! Keep yourself in the loop so you can find the one that is right for you!

The average size for a woman in America is14 so it comes as no surprise that plus-size models have become more of a regularity. The media has cooled down a bit on its judgment of plus sizes and has finally begun to view it for what it is: body positivity. Many media outlets will support the plus-size models and celebrities that wear what they want and celebrate the body that they have.


 It’s important to feel good both in your skin and in your swimsuit – not everyone can be a size 0, but everyone can all look good in the right swimsuit. Ashley Graham, a popular plus-size model, is the perfect example of an inspirational figure who flaunts her curves in a bikini –and the media loves her for it. She recently became the model for H&M’s up and coming plus-size collection. Graham looks beautiful, bold and confident in the ads, showing off her rocking bod in a black two-piece bikini. What’s more is that Graham has her own exceptional plus size swimsuit line available exclusively at, for which she remains a devoted spokesperson.

As far as the styles for swimwear goes, there are quite a few to choose from that will help you sport your curves. One-piece styles are the classic go-to and come in a variety of fashions such as the bandeau, halter and skinny strap. There is ruching to help hide the tummy, and others with high necklines are all the rage. Some of the more popular one-piece styles are featured on Reah Norman’s blog so why not check them out for yourself. Another popular trend is the high waisted bikini. This is an adorable option that can look great on anyone with the right support! You can find these in a variety of colors and patterns – totally retro! Of course, the tankini never goes out of style either. This is a long tank top with bikini bottoms sure to make you look and feel sexy and confident. Online stores such as are channeling the nineties in the best way possible with their floral and polka dot patterned tankinis and skirtinis. If you’re looking for a hip, trendy new style to take poolside or to the beach, swimsuitsforall has the best variety of plus size swimsuits around — all it takes is a simple click of the mouse.

Knowing that there is an abundance of places to find these adorable plus-sizes is comforting and assuring for many. Years ago, it was hard to find plus size clothes that were actually flattering or in style. If you are in search of the perfect swimsuit, and you’re a plus size woman, the panic is over with a simple WiFi connection. Embrace it, because the whole world certainly is! 

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