MakeUp Tips and Tricks You Never Knew You Needed

Makeup can be quite an interesting topic. Some people take it so seriously, they view it as a form of art and enjoy every stroke and color as they apply it on their face. On the other hand, it feels like a chore for other people, seeing it as something they hope they could do away without. Whether you identify as the former or the latter, we can all agree that knowing your way around makeup can be pretty helpful.    Makeup tips and tricks can save you time and also help you look your Read more [...]
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19 Most Common Mistakes When Using Hair Products and Tools (Here’s What to Do)

Reflection of Young Man Bushing Hair in Mirror Getting Ready to Go Out
Every day, we use shampoo, conditioner, even your blowdryer. It’s practically second nature, but how many of us are using these hair products and hair tools the wrong way? Read this list to find out the most common hair care mistakes people make, and finally find out what to really do to get healthy and beautiful hair every day. Mistake # 1: You use regular scissors to trim your hair Trimming you bangs or snipping off split-ends? Don’t just grab the nearest pair of scissors. Most scissors have Read more [...]
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Fun Ways: How to Remove Blackheads at Home

A blackhead is a pimple that rises to the surface of the skin. They get the black color from the oxidation of the dirt and oil that clog pores on the skin. If you have oily skin that is prone to acne, you are likely to have blackheads. This should not worry you much, because; here are several methods you can use in the comfort of your home to get rid of blackheads from your face. Pore Strips Pore strips are one effective way of removing the surface area of the pores with blackheads. As such, the Read more [...]
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Six Bits of Skincare Advice You Should NEVER Take

We’ve all studied the fashion magazines or searched the Internet for the latest skincare tips. But don’t be fooled by bad advice, no matter how entertaining it sounded at the time. Listen up and take note of six things NOT to do if you want to look your best. “It’s OK to squeeze certain kinds of pimples.” This tip may venture into ick territory, but we all know we’ve done it. You see a zit that looks ripe and ready to release its disgusting contents, so, you go for it. And the odds Read more [...]
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