Can your engagement ring speak about the future of your marriage?


Wherever you go, whether it is for shopping or for your yoga class, you will always be overwhelmed with the amount of engagement ring finger factor as the diamond rings these days are so surprisingly bright. Women these days are casually donning their engagement rings regardless of whether they’re heading to the gym or to some sweaty outing with friends. There are many who feel uncomfortable at the blazing sight of such shining and valuable diamonds in such gritty settings.

It is needless to say that women have a strong fetish for diamonds and while some of them dream to have the J.Lo sized sparkler right on their ring finger, there are some others who wish to craft their own kind of diamond ring from the seller’s store. Now that you can see your designs made online at, buying diamonds have become even easier than before. Nevertheless, did you know that your engagement ring could speak about the future of your marriage? Doesn’t that sound interesting? Let’s take a look at the few predictions by the experts who have come up with this conclusion.

  1. There’s a high risk of divorce

As per a research done by the Emory University, it was found out that couples who invested $2,000 to $4,000 were 1.5 times more likely to face a divorce than the people who spent between $5 and $1000. Even more, women whose engagement rings were priced in such a similar range were 2-3 times more stressed about their soaring marriage expenses. We all know that lavish and luxurious engagements can definitely lead to unpredicted fiscal stress which could later on call off the marriage. We’d definitely love to have the best engagement ring but would that mean at the cost of our nuptial relationship?

  1. The ring’s value is equivalent to the value of the relation

No matter whether people do it consciously or subconsciously, but whenever they spot an engagement photo in their social media profiles, they first check out the ring and soon start concluding about the relationship shared between the couple. Even for the couple, that specific engagement ring is the sign of their success as a couple. For some, the size and value of the engagement ring has transformed into a tangible price-tag of the relation.

  1. Engagement rings symbolize much more

What exactly does a bigger size diamond say about the person who financed it? Although there’s no such specific answer to this but definitely says something on his personal wealth. A man often uses his wife to speak about his fortune and this can also be the guy’s way of spreading the word about his wealth. As per a study done by the Michigan State University, such women who are more concerned about their fiancé’s wealth are more likely to end up being divorced. Marrying due to superficial reasons can be toxic to both.

  1. The importance of the ring means something to you

Besides the kind of women discussed above, there are definitely few other kinds who are happy to receive any type and size of sparkler. But at the same time, whenever they flash their most prized possessions in the public where others might be wearing bigger ones, they tend to view the engagement ring as a monetary investment of the groom.

Well, apart from the above listed points that an engagement ring can tell about your wedding’s future, it can also bring you both closer as it is a big choice which both of you make together before tying the knot. This is what makes the gesture even more romantic.

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