Best Ways to Engrave Wedding Rings and Other Precious Jewelry

Engrave Wedding Rings

Engraving a wedding ring or any other piece of jewelry that is special can add extra meaning and personalization to a piece. People often don’t realize that they can get jewelry pieces engraved or they aren’t sure how to do it or what their options are. There are many places you can engrave your piece of jewelry as well as a variety of different engraving fonts, options and methods depending on your budget and preferences. Here are some of the best ways to engrave wedding rings and other precious jewelry pieces.

Wedding RingsThe first option for engraving jewelry is to have the piece hand graved by a professional. This is done with a specialized tool that is known as a “gaver” which works like a minuscule chisel to etch your engraving into the metal. Depending on the professional’s abilities, knowledge and experience, they should be able to engrave the words or inscriptions you desire in a wide range of fonts. Be sure to ask first to make sure the font you want is something they feel comfortable doing. Also, have some back up fonts in mind that you also like so that you are not disappointed. often hand engraving is the best option. it will typically cost more since it is more of an art form. Also, find out which material is best. Some hand engravers prefer gold since it is easier to work with and “gives” to the “gaver” better. On the other hand, platinum may be harder to engrave, but once it is done, the engraving will last much longer without warring down or fading.

The other option is to have the ring or piece of jewelry engraved by a machine. This is how most jewelry stores, especially larger chain stores, do their jewelry engraving for customers. These machines work off of templates to give you the inscription you have requested. Some machines may only have limited font options, so be sure to ask what is available for your piece. Using a machine is a good option because there is no room for human error and usually the inscription will be perfect every time.

You can also engrave stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds with lasers. Sometimes a tiny inscription can be added to the side with initials, a date or another personal note. This is special, sentimental and it is also very wise! Since diamonds and gems are often a large investment, this is added protection and a way to identify the gem or diamond from others as your own in the case that it gets lost or stolen.

Whether you have the metal hand engraved, engraved by machine or you choose to engrave the diamond or gem itself with a Trotec Laser, your loved one with adore this piece of jewelry that is so unique and personalized. Adding an engraving makes any gift extra special and meaningful. The recipient will adore the piece and the details for the rest of their lives as a cherished and loved possession and treasure.

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