4 Things to Consider When Shopping for Fashion Earrings

Shopping for Fashion Earrings

Buying high quality fashion earrings isn’t to be taken lightly. Choosing the right earrings to wear for any occasion depends on several factors.

 Fashion EarringsDesign and Style

The first thing to consider is the design and style of the earrings. The two main style categories are post and long. Post earrings feature gemstones attached to a short post backing. They are classic, dainty and conservative. Longer earrings come in a range of designs. These dangle prominently from the ear and are more on the flashy side.

Facial Features

You may want to consider your unique facial and neck features when deciding what to purchase. Some earring styles and shapes are a good match for faces that are oval, pear, round or square in shape.

Hair Length and Color

When your hair is short the earrings you wear are going to be seen easier than when you have longer hair. However, some long earrings with bold details can be seen regardless of hair length. Think about how the earring is going to hang from the ear. Wearing your hair pulled away from the face solves any long hair issues. Also, certain colors of gemstones can really stand out with blonde, brunette or red hair shades.


The key to getting the most value from fashion earrings is to select quality stones and settings. You want to be able to wear them a long time.

The best place to shop for earrings online is a quality site that has a dazzling gemstone selection.

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